Return of the Horn

Oh, great day in the morning, I’m really horny now.  That lull I spoke about, which was a merciful blessing, has receded, and I am left here with an unbelievable urge to jump on Michelle in a delightful but thoroughly un-submissive manner.

It started back up again three nights ago when she took me to bed and gave me a very fast, aggressive hand-job. The whole encounter only lasted about ten minutes from the time she lay me down to the time she kicked me out of bed again, at which point I was whimpering with desire.  The only purpose of it seemed to be to get me really close about five times and then then send me away. It wasn’t a ‘scene’. It almost didn’t even qualify as sex. It was just all about making me horny. I have never known her to be so into tease and denial before.

Ever since then I have been absurdly horny. I was in the shower two nights ago and my penis starts flailing around of its own accord, almost like it was trying to detach from my body so  it could move directly under the stream of water and get some stimulation that way.  The urge to come was almost overwhelming and I actually started making little frustrated moaning noises as I stood there looking down at it moving round in circles. I really wanted nothing more than to come, really hard, about three times, and then sleep like a baby.

I told Michelle this desire, putting it out there, pretty much asking for permission to do just that. Answer: no.

Last night we had a friend over and  I took refuge in alcohol, not excessively but just to take the edge of the situation. We have a dinner this evening so more drinking may occur, but after that, Thursday and Friday and then the weekend are looming, and  can’t see any sign of respite from Michelle.

Another new phase for me. It’s never felt quite this strong before.

4 thoughts on “Return of the Horn

  1. My lady inspired by your resolve and fortitude has brought me out in your support. Thus, my chastity which was scheduled to end this Friday is now extended until Michelle allows you relief. Please tell us when the day arrives! F.

  2. Um.

    Last night.

    She decided to make me come all over her while she was coming.

    Afterwards she said it reminded her of a rotary garden sprinkler.

    So, you’re good to go from any time now, Fergus. It ended up being Friday anyway. S.

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