Penis of Steel, Brain of Jello

While I can always report that everything is pretty hard and ready down below, the situation is not at all the same up top; chastity has rendered me officially bimbified. The constant flushes of oxytocin and other feel-good goo, coupled with lack of sleep (yes, the insomnia is back), have turned this formerly somewhat capable worker into a fully-fledged waste of space.

General examples of the dumbness:

  • inability to concentrate on work for longer than about ten minutes.
  • adopting a “why worry” attitude when I probably should actually be worried (like, when I’m about to pay for something I can’t afford).
  • failure to plan ahead for anything other than ways to please Michelle and spend time with her (flowers, dinner dates, etc).

Specific examples of the dumbness:

  • missing my train stop even though I was not reading (no prizes for guessing what I was thinking about)
  • going up to a bartender and asking him for a regular adult ticket
  • planning my whole day around taking a particular set of papers to work, and then leaving them in the kitchen.

Basically, I got the dumbs.

Michelle doesn’t seem too concerned about this. My ability to do simple things like housework isn’t really suffering, and my attentiveness to her is OK, I think. The real problem is work. She has asked me whether I will still be able to keep earning decent money (she is studying and only working sporadically and part time, and I need to be able to keep the money coming in.) I think the answer is yes, but honestly, I keep expecting that eventually things will settle down and my concentration span will return. But so far, that isn’t happening.

I find it exciting that Michelle doesn’t seem to care that her keeping me chaste is making me dumber. Actually, apart from a few concerns about the money aspect, she seems to find it kind of funny.

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