Rolling Over and (not) Going to Sleep

I thought I’d fly down from my little subby white cloud to write a brief posting…

Things are awesome. Michelle is happy and in full control. I am having great fun seeing to her needs and enjoying her relaxed, sexy, bossy, loving company. This type of relationship obviously suits us both when it is working well. We’ve never had it better, really.

We’ve been having a lot of sex lately, considerably more than usual. And I’m finding something interesting is starting to happen when we finish: I am getting the same endorphin rush that I used to get when I had an orgasm – except without  actually needing to have one.

Michelle and I have talked a lot about me experiencing her own pleasure as thought it were mine; she has even made me a hypnosis recording where she talks about that in some detail. The idea is that when she has an orgasm, I experience a rush of pleasure and satisfaction that counts as my own one.

Well, it seems like somehow it’s all starting to work out. I’m not exactly having a huge sensation like an orgasm or anything; but I am getting the same wave of hormones that used to sweep through my body after I came.

That old cliche about the guy who rolls over and goes to sleep was never totally true in my case; I always used to at least offer to help Michelle to come.  But the temptation to drift off for half an hour was still always there; those zone-out hormones after sex just feel so good and relaxing, and lying there slowly letting your thoughts turn to dreams as you doze off is awesome.

Anyway, when we finish, we cuddle for a bit and then Michelle rolls over and drifts off like normal. And just lately, I’ve found I can join her: I can do a few breathing exercises to get myself calmed down, and then the wave hits me, and I zone out, too.

This makes a nice change, because I used to get pretty wired up after having sex without an orgasm, and it would take me quite a while to calm down. I used to want to talk to Michelle about everything I felt and thought,  almost like a debriefing. It wasn’t too relaxing for her, when she was trying to bliss out.

So, I think Michelle digs the new situation, because it means she can have satisfying sex, keep me in denial,  but not have to deal with my emotional whirlwind afterwards. She comes, and then for a while we just lie there together, her warm and sleepy, me calm and happy, and feeling the buzz of having satisfied her, both of us in a happy place.

Basically,  it’s awesome.

(This doesn’t mean I actually get straight off to sleep like she does, though.)

3 thoughts on “Rolling Over and (not) Going to Sleep

  1. Yup yup yup. I’ve experienced the same thing. We share her orgasm now. I crave hers more than I crave my own and I feel a kind of post-orgasmic bliss afterward. Funny how that happens…

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