My, What Lovely Blue Balls You Have

Things are great again. I might post about it in a day or two but in the meantime, it’s enough to say that Michelle is amazing and I am loving every second I spend with her.

Example: I’ve had chronic blue balls, just over the last few days. I told her this, not by way of complaint, but simply so she’d know that things are starting to build up a head of steam. She looked at me wth mild curiosity and said something like: “Oh? Do tell.”

Later she jumped on me and put me inside her and rode me til I nearly reached orgasm about five times. I asked her if she wanted to come.

She said: “This isn’t about that. This is about me giving you something to really have blue balls about.”

Then she left me there all dripping wet and went off to sleep on her own.

So, she actually wants me to have blue balls? Kinda reminded me of something I saw somewhere else…(except I’m only at two weeks, rather than months.

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