In my mind, a ‘Cougar’ looks like Amanda Redman

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Michelle and I are both close to 40, and ‘maturity’ beckons. The more I look around, the more I realise that’s nothing to be afraid of, sexually speaking. In a lot of ways, Michelle is actually hotter now than she was at 20, or even 30; not in every aspect, but in the most important one. I’m talking about the way she’s settled in to her face and body, she’s more relaxed and comfortable with herself, I guess it makes me more comfortable in being with her.

One of the main things that attracts me about women is a sense of power and confidence; a definite sense that they know what they want, and they would be quite happy to tell their partner all about it, and make sure they get it. I guess it comes with age. I see plenty of perfect-looking teens or twenty-somethings that do nothing for me sexually, they just look too anxious and insecure. And I see quite a few older women that I think have got it in a way that many younger women do not.

British TV actress Amanda Redman is 53 this year. She has got it, and has had it for years. And I’ve got no reason to think that Michelle won’t have it in exactly the same way in another 13 years time.

Amanda when younger. Doesn’t got it. (I guess the hairstyle doesn’t help.)

Amanda in her late 30s  (?).  She’s got it now.


At 45. Still got it:

A more recent shot from a few years ago. From her role in the BBCs New Tricks. Definitely still got it:

5 thoughts on “In my mind, a ‘Cougar’ looks like Amanda Redman

  1. OMG! Yes…she certainly has it. She would indeed be the/my ideal owner. This link has made my early Sunday morning mind race with thoughts. What if there was a t.v series; maybe even a soap-opera centered on a Cult of Female Supremacists, their slaves and adventures…starring Amanda Redman ? (Supported by what other actresses/t.v presenters)Hmmmn i’m going to have make a mental list of my top 10 potential mistresses…maybe even begin a script for such a series.
    I’m currently writing the sequel to my Female Supremacy, comedy, romantic, adventure novel (The Scars of Obsession) (Available on Amazon or simply Google it)
    Anyway…thanks for the inspirational thoughts this morning…i’m not going to be able to shake the idea of Amanda from my head for a fair while now…Mmmmmmmmm.

  2. New Tricks is one of the very few TV programmes I ever watch and Amanda Redman is one of the reasons I watch it.

    I quite agree that she is lovely and has certainly improved with age. I also agree with you that self-confidence is a highly stimulating part of the attraction. I wouldn’t worry about breaking 40: I’m 50 and my wife, C, is in her late 40s and we’re having a blast. C is sexier by the year and beats the “airbrushed” tweens hands down on the captivatedman sexometer.

    “Maturity” – oh yes, I’ve heard of that. Just remind me, when does that happen?

  3. I can’t brag…I lost my wife to…shopping and prancing around posh joints, pretending to be rich…however she did have Amanda Redmans exact eyes…maybe even slightly more Egyptian. She was 15 years younger than me and from the very begining I tried to make her the boss. Unfotunately, though she accepted this in me, she grew to believe that she could do anything and I would always have her back. As she was Turkish I bought everything in Turkey in her name…after selling everything I had in the U.K. We had a daughter and then the lies began. I was tricked into returning to the U.K with our daughter whilst the wife ‘A’ set about making some changes to our restaurant that she knew I didn’t fully agree with. From the moment we got on the plane and unknown to me, our marriage as I knew it was over. She prevented us returning to Turkey and when she finally returned to us 22 months later, she explained that the money and the property was gone to pay debts. 4 years after leaving Turkey and being a single dad on government benefits, I recieved a phone call from her. She told me that she knew I still Loved her and wanted to come home. I believed the truth about our finances would soon come out and welcomed her back. This time she assumed control and I was in 7th heaven. She ruled…this time on her own terms. At any time she would tell me to drop and kiss her feet.
    One day she left to change her clothes as she still kept a seperate address. She didn’t return and on phoning around to find her I discovered a trail of boyfriends stretching back through the years since before i’d left Turkey.
    A close friend of hers has told me that she only came back because I was due to be published and she wanted money from my novel. Not just that but…just as I expected (due to the non-existance of reciepts) I discovered that the property was still in her hands.
    I suppose that what i’m trying to say here is alone is no reason to submit, for me its been costly and heartbreaking. I agree that women in their thirties, forties and in some cases fifties (such as Amanda) are simply ideal. Maybe in 15 or 20 years time, my ex will become such a woman but where does that leave me? Do I still entertain the idea of being with a younger woman…YES. Will I worship her…YES. My reasons are flimsey…surely God wouldn’t permit me to fall prey to such a woman as ‘A’ ever again. The next partner, no matter what age will have to be of such a kind-hearted type as to accept me and my daughter as to be above such acts as i have been subject to. Will I ever accept ‘A’ back into our lives…very probably YES…in the hope that she discovers that she HAD a good man, a submissive man that Loved her and when she’s been used by the men in suits she craves to be with, something in her will click and she’ll know I was right to submit to her…its just that she wasn’t ready.

  4. That’s quite a harrowing story, Darryl.

    I can only say that I am only comfortable in submitting to Michelle because I fundamentally trust her to think about our needs as a couple, as well as her own needs as an individual. She is also a little older than me. I’m sorry that you did not find yourself in a similar situation and I hope that indeed, your next partner is a better person.

  5. “Maturity” – oh yes, I’ve heard of that. Just remind me, when does that happen?

    Heh. I meant the saggy, physical kind. The actual “getting of wisdom” kind is still a few years off.

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