Nanshakh: Not Where This Man Belongs

I’ve had a link to Nanshakh’s website up in my main link area for a while now and it gets hit pretty regularly – I even get search hits from folks looking for him.

I decided to leave it there because I like some of this character’s artwork but there’s a lot about it I do not like, either. By way of a review, here’s the like and don’t like laid out plain. This counts for all femdom art generally, not just this artist.


Steve Likes: Amusing domestic scenes where bossy women sit on or otherwise use men and are served by them. Happy, confident or pleased facial expressions on the faces of the women. Dumbstruck, tender and adoring expressions on the men’s faces. Actual sex scenes. One woman and man in the scene, two at most. A general suggestion of intimacy and tenderness. A minimum of uncomfortable-looking leather clothing. Men’s bodies should be healthy-looking.

Steve Dislikes: Anything suggesting men are dogs. Any non-humourous, realistic depiction of a kingdom run by women using male slaves. Angry, cold or dissatisfied looks on the women’s faces – if she’s having such a bad time then what’s the point? Pained, miserable looks on the men’s faces. Group scenes with no sex or intimacy. Men’s bodies are grey and pallid.


On most counts, Nanshakh doesn’t do very well in this analysis. He comes under what I’d call ‘cold’ femdom – where the art is just a vehicle to carry an extreme fantasy of subjugation, and does not have a great deal of merit on it’s own.

All told, I guess this is a pretty bad review. I’ll leave the link up there for the time being but I might think about eventually having a main link area to stuff I think is hot, and another one to stuff that’s not really my thing, but is there if people want to go and see it…

(By the way…this website does not allow linking to images and expressly discourages re-posting them so on this occasion I did not do so, and just posted a few banners. Follow the link to get to the bigger pics…)

12 thoughts on “Nanshakh: Not Where This Man Belongs

  1. Steve, I’m in total agreement with you on much of this…however, the depiction of ‘contempt’ on a womans face as she enters into usage of her submissive, I find extremely arousing. To me the look of contempt on her face is a message to her slave to improve her mood, that she is taking her role and his very seriously and what they are doing goes beyond role-play. He is to show his Love of her and exalt her. He is there to please her but also connect her with the awesome power she whealds and that has brought him to his knees in the first place. To start her session with her submissive lover with a proud, contemptuous expression is just the begining and to see that expression melt away as she uses him as her vehicle to another place is…for me the whole piont and belief system of her superiority. His acts show not just his Love of her but his submition to her where he is stating the fact that he would die to defend her. In short, he is spending his time on earth submitting to and recognising the fact that there is sommething more of the Divine in her than there is in himself…He’ll earn his wings for the next world should he submit to honouring and serving beauty in preference to striving to control and abuse it. So..No Steve..that look of contempt has its place and it states her belief that he is doing the right thing….IF WE ERADICATE THE ‘GRIMMACE’ SURELY THE SMILE LOSES MUCH OF ITS DEPTH AND MEANING?
    As for pained looks on mens faces…i am more with you there. I was NOT best pleased with my publishers depiction of my main, ‘happy-go-lucky’ male charracter when they placed him in an obviously troubled pose. (they have him with his head bowed and clenching his hands together in prayer type fashion)and definately not looking like the ‘Man in Love’ he is.

  2. I agree with you on this issue. For me, the fantasy surroundings in most of these illustrations have nothing to do with what attracts me to chastity and submission: it’s existence in completely ordinary and obtainable settings. And, like you, for me this about real love and real happiness, not disappearing into a “role.”

  3. Female domination was not created to amuse males. It exists (as do the submissive men who make it their lifework to respond to and support this lifestyle) to please and amuse Women.

    So when nanshakh depicts one of his astonishingly beautiful Women with a smile on Her lips while either [a] enjoying a male’s service, or [b] enjoying punishing a male for not pleasing Her sufficiently, it’s just what it should be.

    Further, when nanshakh throws in fantasy elements — Zlita’s slave raider space-ship (“Take that, Flesh Gordon!”), the incredible stone dungeon or sun-drenched pirate ship, it simply underlines that this is all an imagination trip. The only reality he expresses is what’s inside our heads.

    Sure, the Women are gorgeous, just as submissive men imagine them to be — and perhaps as They imagine Themselves to be. In the reality of belief, They are, and the males are those faceless gray non-entities he likes to sketch in as the objects of the Ladies’ good-natured disdain: worthless groveling objects fit only to serve and adore the radiant eternal beauty of these divine Goddesses.


  4. In my view, “female domination”, as a fantasy, was most certainly created to amuse males. It was created to make money out of men who are submissively inclined but who do not have D/s relationships. It was designed to cater to male fetishes.

    While I do not mind this sort of thing expressed in an artistic form, I think it dangerous when artistic fantasy merges with reality and people come to believe that their fantasy construct can be mapped out onto real women and real social situations.

    I know of women who like female domination fantasy and art, but I personally do not know many women (real-life or online) who think that female domination ‘exists’ as a general social construct, and who are are pleased and amused by it, as it is expressed in this kind of artwork. I do however know a fair number of women that find it boring, sad, ridiculous, and ultimately hurtful to both men and women.And I challenge you to find a decent woman who wants a real life relationship with a worthless groveling object.

    I guess you can get off on the artwork and that’s cool. I like femdom art too. But please don’t try to tell me that there is a reality to this that I am somehow missing. I am a submissive man who has a real relationship, which does periodically go into D/s territory. I am not submissive to women generally. Just the one. A submissive man who really does make it his “lifework to respond to this (imagined) lifestyle” sounds to me like someone who is going to be spending a lot of time online in the company of his own hand.

  5. Hmmm…….a decent woman eh? Is there a universal description for such a creature?

    A worthless groveling object? What has that to do with femdom? Oh u mean mainstream patriarchal based vanilla femdom? Well in that case…….i’ll rest my case. But maybe for a fleeting moment u could try to open ur mind a bit, and go beyond the rigid fantasies of rusty males, silly housewives reluctantly playing stupid bdsm games with their subby hubbies, and greedy porn bosses trying to lure the masses into buying their crap. Would u do that? Could u? Well in that case……..surprise, surprise, yes there r women who live the life of what i’ve baptized feminine femdom. No groveling there. No stupid corner time either. And u know what? No self proclaimed mistresses or goddesses polluting the scenery. In fact no deities, royalty, or any other so called superior being at all. And no humiliating, and……….oh jeez, i’m sure u got the message already. And just to be perfectly clear on this: I’m not dead. Not yet, not yet.

  6. I’m a bit lost by this.

    You start by saying that grovelling men are a facet of vanilla femdom? Or, that they are not? At the end, are you saying that a femdom situation without grovelling, mistresses, etc…is a good description of your situation? Or, not? There’s too much sarcasm and too many eliptical sentences for me to work it out.

    The ‘no goddess’ thing actually seems like a decent description of my situation so I am not sure what the argument is about, anyway. My wife rejects the goddess role and simply likes being called ‘darling’. And, there’s not much grovelling or humiliation my way. I’m just a chaste guy who wants to keep his wife happy and give her a good time in bed.

    Sure, that is pretty vanilla, and I have never really said otherwise. But, all this stuff about me needing to ‘open my mind’ to your way of doing things? That’s going into some very strange territory.

    I’m not sure why my understanding of your lifestyle is important enough to you that you would bother to write this. And, it seems hypocritical, because you have been so widely dismissive and scornful of the lifestyles of many others, so, why do you need others to understand yours? It is a bad habit of mind to desire the understanding of people you do not respect. And if you are really passionate about campaigning for women’s sexual freedom, why pick this issue, in this venue? Why not pick clitorectomy?

  7. Chill Sir Steve, i was merely responding to ur “…….don’t try to tell me that there is a reality to this ……..” and words to the same effect.


    U must have been in assuming mode. Lemme explain.

    1) I don’t need, nor desire, others to understand my way of living.

    2) I’m not passionate at all about campaigning for women’s sexual freedom.

    3) I’m not dismissive and scornful of any lifestyle, as long as it’s a genuine one. Hmmm, that’s not really true, as i hate fascists, (neo)-nazis, and other lowlifes like them. Still, when it comes right down to it, being ‘dismissive’ and ‘scornful’ is not exactly what comes to my mind when i meet specimen of them. It’s more, ‘making their life as miserable as possible’. As for the rest? Yes, very laughable.

    Ur right. I can be very sarcastic, cynical, vengeful, unforgiving, cruel, rude, hurtful, flaming, and……..well add anything of the sort, and i probably would agree. I have my flaws. But i like them too. Well most of the times. Oh, i almost forgot humor. Haven’t u noticed?

    And fyi: One of the women living with me was once brutally attacked by some male scum. They destroyed her clit. We took care of them in such a way that they r unable now to recall anything from what happened during our revenge tour.

  8. OK, I like ‘Sir Steve.’ That’s fine. You may picture me as a Scottish lord with kilt and sporran.

    If you are trying to say that there is a ‘reality’ to something and that I am blind to it, then, I still don’t really know what it is. The reason I find it difficult to read you is that you often seem to be saying what your situation is not, and not so much about what it is.

    So, all I know is that there are no mistresses, no men doing all the housework, no grovelling, no stupid bdsm games, no being manipulated by greedy porn bosses…etc, etc.

    And on that last point, I totally agree. Most of the culture around femdom has been created by men, for men, for money – so there is still little clear view of what women actually want and expect of ‘feminine femdom.’ And maybe this is why guys are constantly tripping over our own silly expectations of it.

    But every time I read your blog – which is not that often I admit – I feel like I am being berated about my own inadequacy and then schooled in the ‘correct’ path, which always sounds very vague to me. Sorry, but there it is.

    And honestly, I don’t think personal or cultural change works like that, anyway. I think it works by a process of inspiration, and imitation. Most of my online learning in this D/s thing has come from open and honest accounts of what other people actually do, and what works for them in real relationships. Posts about how mainstream femdom is phoney rubbish do not teach me anything, and, I do not think they do very much to turn the ship around.

    That is a harrowing story about your friend’s clitoris. I hope it has healed, at least to some extent.

  9. “………that there is a ‘reality’ to something and that I am blind to it………” etc. Um…..this leads to nothing. Let me try and shed some light into ur darkness by asking u a question then: “Is femdom a fantasy, or does it exist in what most of us call real life?

    U’ve read some of my stuff u say, but couldn’t find anything substantial about feminine femdom apart from a few vague lectures on the subject? Try or and dare i suggest Maybe this will help u, maybe not. Possibly it will be the latter, as it’s not easy to leave one’s own bubble of paradigms and peek into another with not too many prejudices and biases blurring the sight. Especially not when there’s not much overlap.

    Be all this as it may, for me it’s not enough if “it works”.

    Seems u missed picking up “i hate teaching” during ur sporadic visits to my blog 😉

  10. Hmmm.

    ‘Come with me’ is OK I guess, it has some funky captions, and I get that you are probably into BDSM in a general sense.

    But the other two posts – sorry lady, but I just read through some more paragraphs of scorn heaped upon your beloved enemy, vanilla femdom, with not much idea of what you really do.

    As ever, we must remain alert to the possibilty that I am just stupid, or, too lazy to scroll through lots of writing that all says much the same thing. It has happened before.

    But I gotta ask – you clearly are not here to get turned on, and you are not here to find something that works, and you are not here to learn and be inspired, and you are not here to seek understanding, and you are not here to teach, and you are not here to campaign for something. So, why are you here?

    I mean not just my blog, but the internet generally.

    From my perspective, life’s too short, and too good, to be pissing about with pointless self-expression about stuff you hate – especially on someone else’s blog. If your way of doing things is hot, then do it, and be happy, and blog about it. But I can’t understand this need to constantly engage with all this stuff you so obviously disdain.

    I have seen this kinda thing before – one women even went to the trouble of listing all the blogs by submisive men she could find that she didn’t like, and didn’t read, so she could make some half-baked point about the prevalence of the service submission meme, which she could easily have made without engagaing with it to that extent.

    I have to suspect that the basic impulse behind this sort of thing is a way of saying ‘I am cooler and kinkier and more liberated than you.’

    But people feel uncomfortable actually saying that, because the obvious response would be: ‘Wow! Where would you like your medal pinned on?’ In the end, no one actually cares that much about how wild you are, do they? Except you – which should really be the point of being wild, after all.

    So, all the remains is to pick a meme and disrespect it, inferring by doing so that you are superior to it.

    If the argument is: ‘the prevalence of the vanilla femdom meme makes it harder for women like me to get what I want,’ that’s fair enough – it’s exactly the same kind of battle that feminists and homosexuals have been fighting for years, and it is totally worth fighting.

    But if so, you ARE advocating for change, and therefore you must be trying to teach, to lead, and to inspire.

    If you are not doing that then, what are you doing? Is endlessly disrespecting vanilla femdom actually that satisfying for you?

  11. Why i’m here? Beats me too. Others in my place r laughing at me that i spend time with this. But i simply like to express myself in this medium via words, collages, and music.

    “I have to suspect………. and to inspire” Again, u r assuming too much. And analyses based on assumptions mostly suck.

    I disrespect vanilla femdom? I’m into BDSM in a general sense? Jeez, how many of my blogs will it take for u to read exactly the opposite of that?

    Well, it turned out as i had expected. U didn’t get it. No need to be sorry about that.

    Guid cheerio the nou, Sir Steve.

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