A Break in Play

Michelle has been letting me come lately. I have had about five in the last four days. Ahhh yeah. The first one was all gloopy, and didn’t feel that good, but numbers two and three were incredible, and my cock was like a fricken water pistol. I guess it’s probably pretty good for me.

I asked her for permission, as she has been unwell and generally not feeling like sex or like dominating me at all. She said “sure, go for it, knock yourself out”, so I did. Technically I am still allowed to if I want to. But I think I might leave it now, though.

The drop in the “subbie” vibe that other guys talk about after coming is definitely there.  It’s hard to describe – it’s not like I argue with Michelle, or like I can’t be bothered being nice to her any more because I have had my orgasm and that was the point.

It’s more like I see things in a different way. After I have been chaste for two weeks, I’d get horny watching grass grow, so if Michelle says ‘take out the trash’, I can read something into it. Now, I just take out the trash because it would be lame not to take it out, and someone has to do it. I guess things just seem more normal, more mundane.And I am more focused on getting ready for Xmas and the end of the working year.

We’ve been getting on fine. She’s going through some weird virus thing which has left her feeling tired, but basically things have been good.  I have been more productive at work lately too. We haven’t had sex in about a week, which is a long time for us, but I think something is building up and when we next hit the sack it’s going to be pretty special.

Breaks are good. I used to fear them because I’d feel like the D/s thing was slipping away. Now, I like them. Gives me something to look forward to because I know she is going to start up on me at some point soon.

I might not post for a week. Not much to say other than that.



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