It’s Better to Give

Beautiful Michelle is fully recovered and has reasserted her control much earlier than I had anticipated. I thought she’d probably leave me to my own devices for a few weeks or maybe even until the New Year. But instead she told me last Friday, after only four days, that I was back in chastity and she expected a return to my usual submissive form, including flower-buying, a bumper housework effort, and general flattery and eagerness.

Obviously, I loved being told this, but also kinda felt like I could have done with another week or so. I asked her for permission to come at least one more time, with her – seeing as all the other orgasms I had were on my own. She replied that there was no way she was letting me come, for a very long time. Then she had a multiple orgasm, almost like she was trying to rub it in.

So, I guess the trust I felt  – that a break was not a bad thing – was well-founded.

Anyway, ever since she told me, I have been craving for her to give me oral sex. This is weird because until recently, I haven’t liked receiving oral sex very much, maybe it felt too much like she was just serving me, and wouldn’t be enjoying it herself. But something about the feel of it when I am in denial is amazing. I know I’m not going to get to come, so really it’s just an exercise in driving me crazy. Also I appreciate now that Michelle actually really likes to do it when I am chaste, and that it turns her own. So now I really like letting her.

She did it briefly the other night and now I’m really hanging out for it. A while back we had this amaxing session where she lay around languidly with my cock in her mouth, driving me mad for anout an hour, and then she came a few times and left me hanging there, and I ended up high as a kite.

Damn, I want that to happen again. Maybe I’ll ask her.

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