The Leo Project

The Leo Project is the pet name we give to Michelle’s budget situation. Basically, it is an ongoing attempt by Michelle to spend a great deal of money on herself in a way that doesn’t get us into debt. She’s no credit card wielding bimbo with no concern for the bottom line; but she is pretty happy to have control over the household finances and not at all concerned about whether things are ‘fair’.

The idea of financial domination frightens me in the context of online dating or professional domination. A lonely submissive guy could easily end up ruining his finances, and maybe his whole life, by  allowing himself to be sucked  dry by a woman who had no care or respect for him at all.

But in the context of a loving D/s marriage, it seems to make a lot of sense to us. This is how the average pay cycle plays out for the two of us:

I get a certain amount of money – let’s say $150 – to spend on anything I need during the course of the fortnight. If I spend more than that I am going into debt to the household and must repay it at some point. Sometimes, extra spending money is allowed – like, over Xmas for example – but generally I have to stick to this basic budget. And, if I earn any extra money during the fortnight (sometimes I do cash-work at nights) I give half of it to her.

Michelle gets the same amount plus an extra Miss Leo budget of $50, which she usually spends on getting her hair done and buying herself treats. She also gets control over a category called ‘household’, which is another $150, basically for anything she feels like buying during the fortnight that she thinks we need around the house.  I mostly get no say about what happens here although sometimes can make requests.

By sticking to this budget we manage to save quite a lot each fortnight.  Michelle is at liberty to spend extra, un-budgeted money – from the money we would othewise save – on anything she feels like. I do not have a smilar liberty. So far she’s come home with clothing, including bras and shoes, paid for out if this extra amount. There have also been massages and facials and other fun stuff. Sometimes it’s at my suggestion, but sometimes she just does it.

The most recent activity in the Leo Project was when she had me in bed one night, got me right on the edge of orgasm several times, and then chose that moment to command that I must spend 10% of my own fortnightly budget on buying her flowers. Dutifully, I find a way to spend $15 a fortnight  each fortnight on flowers of some sort or other. This will be the fifth fortnight so far. She seems pleased.

So that’s how it goes in our household. And I’m starting find the sight of her wallet on payday quite erotic, knowing that it could have so much more in it than mine. Basically, seeing her with money is a turn on for me.

Sometimes, what I’d really like is to have it so that she didn’t have to work at all (she works half time now) and that we had enough money to spoil her lavishly all the time. But in a way that might take the fun out of it, too. If we could afford to have everythig we wanted, then it would just be extravagant, and not unfair. And it’s so fun when it’s unfair.

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