I Blame Abby Winters

Latest episode in the long saga of Michelle getting her rocks off in spectacular fashion; watching porn while I give her oral sex.

She goes through various phases of desire; sometimes she likes coital sex, other times masturbation, and right now we’re in the midst of a lengthy cunnilingus phase. She’s right into it. Personally, I blame the Australian porn vid site Abby Winters, whose Girl-Girl vids have been keeping her royally entertained. The only thing she doesn’t like is the fact the ladies have long fingernails. Apart from that, she watches along quite happily, laughing at the absurd attempts at dialogue and then going kinda quiet during the other bits. Then she gets into bed with me and she’s wet like melting jelly, demands oral and then refuses me an orgasm once she’s had her fun.

Or, on an occassion a few nights ago, she accepts my offer to eat her while she watches, and she perches herself in the swivel chair with her legs spread, moans along happily with the Abby Winters girls, and has two large orgasms while watching them lick and finger each other

I’m a happy husband, obviously. I haven’t really been that submissive lately, although the chastity has been fairly strictly enforced. I had one orgasm at New Year, and am now settling in for what she has promised will be a fairly lengthy spell. Apart from that there has been little D/s action around the house; we’ve both been so busy with Xmas and New Year that there hasn’t been time for any overt displays.


2 thoughts on “I Blame Abby Winters

  1. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and expectation. You write, “I haven’t really been that submissive lately….” Then you mention that chastity has been “fairly strictly enforced” annd you recently spent, what can only be described as a submissive husbands wildest fantasy, a night of eating out your wife while she watches girl on girl porn.

    LOL, there are alot of guys that wish they were you. 🙂

  2. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective and expectation

    I know. I guess what I mean is, she hasn’t been making me do lots of of stuff for her while she chills out. We’ve both been busy.

    But in the sex department, yeah, it is pretty much her show. 🙂

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