Krysztof Nemeth’s Charm School

“Always flirty, never dirty” – yet somehow U.S. pin-up artist Krysztof Nemeth’ work appears in numerous lists of BDSM and Femdom art. Nothing overt is ever really shown, but even without the boots, it’s pretty clear what these women be like to live with.


I guess on closer inspection there’s a lot that have a pretty stereotypical “dommey” look to them even though they aren’t really doing anything…


But quite often the paraphernalia is relatively innocent, yet still there’s something suggestive of D/s about the whole thing. To me, anyway.


Could just be because I like girls that smile, brunettes with plaits, and roller derby. Or maybe because I am close to three weeks without release. But whatever the case I like these pictures more than most pin-up art, or D/S art.

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