Michael Manning’s Spidergarden

American artist Michael Manning has a ‘graphic novel’ style a little reminiscent of Escher or Mike Wilks, and well-suited to his futuristic subject matter: his fantasy world, the Spidergarden, is:

the home of Shaalis the Sacred Androgyne and the Metal Spider Clan – an organic self-sustaining environment in which erotic experimentation is raised to an artistic level and the interplay of dominance and submission brings a new kind of freedom…

OK, fine by me.

Manning is a well known published author, and is essentially mainstream – like, he has his own Wikipedia entry! – but his name pops up occasionally in link-lists and picture sample sites, not as a hardcore BDSM artist, more as an oddity, an unusual character whose work is more intriguing than overtly stimulating.

If you are too stingy or disinterested to buy one of his many graphic novels you could still look through the garden initiate section, or the art for sale section, where personally I think the best stuff is. There’s also more for sale on his Obsession Art site.


On-Line Store: http://www.mm-art.net/
Art Site: http://www.thespidergarden.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michaelmanningart

Apart from the fact that black and white predominates, there are a range of styles and themes; delicate tattoo designs and subtle erotica sit alongside graphic D/s porn images. A lot of his drawings are animalistic, not in the usual ‘cute and furry creatures with genitals’ way but in a much more sharp and stylized fashion. Insects are the most common but there’s all sorts of other types too, including androgyny and good old futanari. I don’t much for the animalistic theme but there’s some stuff that I do like, including some of the futa. Here are two favourites.


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