I want to be a Gym Bunny

There’s lots of gym bunnies down at the place I go, female ones I mean. 26 years old, probably engaged, 5 foot 6, slender, track-shorts and singlet, ponytail, pert tits, bottom swaying hypnotically on the machine on front of me.  They gosspip to each other casually while running at about 11k an hour, and they glow rather than perspire afterwards.  I want to be them, to kill them, or perhaps to tie them up and do unspeakable things to them. Not sure of the proportions there. Anyway in terms of sexxy, they really are the double-whammy, because they appeal to me, and because I want to be like them, too.

Alas, I am close to 40 and the Immutable Law of Carbohydrates in coming into full force. I probably could have pulled off the female gym bunny look when I was younger, as I had a very lithe frame until I was about 30, but I never put much work into it. Sex was always pretty easy to come by, and so working out new ways to attract women just wasn’t something I did; and I was musical rather than sporty so I didn’t have that reason to train, either.

Now, it seems like there’s no way I’ll ever regain that absurd weight level, I had then, and therefore my chance for a female gym bunny physique is gone. If I keep working on it I’ll probably just turn into one of those barrell-chested guys with big quads, or even one of those grizzly ogre types in their fifties, the guys with beer guts and massive hairy biceps, that bring along their tired, red-faced wives and then try to impress them by shouder-pressing the weight of the entire building.

Seriously, instead of these feats of maschismo, I have much more admiration for the effort the bunny girls put in, bouncing along neatly on the running machines day after day, breasts safely tucked away in their training bras, sipping their water and stretching dilligenty afterwards. I respect that.

Basically, I want to be a gym bunny. Not a male one, so I can attract women, but a female one, so I can appeal to my wife’s lesbian streak. I don’t want a six pack and Arnie-arms. I want lithe, athletic arms (like I have never had) and a flat, smooth stomach (like I had when I was 26). Damn.

Michelle tells me I am developing a nice pert ass and she is groping it a lot more than usual. She even said recently that I looked like a “pretty fit guy from behind.” But man, the front of me still has a ways to go.

Wish me luck.

2 thoughts on “I want to be a Gym Bunny

  1. I found a picture of me when I was about 17. I used to bike 7 miles, then swim for an hour then life guard all day. Tan and ripped. Six pack plus. Now…..not so much:)

    I do love looking at those 35 y.o. MILFs though. Be careful, they are very lonely!

    Good luck with your workouts. Remember, less weight, more reps.

  2. Excellent post 🙂 …. I’m with you totally on the hitting a certain age and the inevitable effect it has on your body/metabolism, I am at a similar point to you it seems……

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