She Has Ways of Knowing These Things

Since the career-saving orgasm of 10 days ago I have sneaked in a few more on the quiet.

I don’t often do this, especially when there is a strong D/s vibe between us, but this time, well, that’s just what happened. It somehow seemed like the embargo was lifted, even though no-one had said anything.

Even so, it kinda caught me off-guard two days ago when Michelle said something like this:

“I know I haven’t been very strict with you lately, and I realise that I left the door open after last time, and I know you have been helping yourself. But I am going to close the door again. No more coming. You are back in chastity.”

I couldn’t help but ask: “How did you know?” (Officially, I hadn’t come in ten days.)

“I can just tell, these days,” she said.

“Is it anything physical?” I asked.

“Not really. It’s more the vibe, the way you are with me. And I want to build up the vibe again.”

Nice to know I am not the only one who feels the vibe.

I guess I found this out in a slightly underhand way, but then again…we both somehow sensed that she had allowed me to have a week off, even though she hadn’t said anything. So, I don’t feel too bad.

Being told I have to be chaste again is sexy, though. And so is the fact that she knows.

One thought on “She Has Ways of Knowing These Things

  1. Good for her, and too bad for you. 🙂

    Its true that the ‘vibe’ is something we can pick up on. Call its womans intuition or whatever, but I can tell within moments of my husband has that sexual ‘charge’ or if he is ‘deflated’.
    Of course I take advantage of either of those moods. 🙂

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