4 thoughts on “FFF is Back…

  1. Hi there
    Cripes what a picture. I would love to be that guy, having my parts whipped in a leisurely fashion with the tab of a riding crop.
    i have been lucky enough to have something like this happen to me on two occasions. Each time my wife has been a little bit tipsy and each time we have just kind of fallen into the arrangent of our bodies. The difference is she had no implement to hand and so she used the the extended fingers of her hand to slap my genitals. However it was still a magnificient sensation and a very gracious acton her part, but the feel of a crop or a flogger would have been even more heavenly.
    We are out for a dinner tomorrow night and I might try to engineer such a situation again, now that I have seen your photo. Ths time I will make sure that there is a crop to hand.
    Best wishes

  2. Vanessa – you are very welcome.

    Michael – yes it is a particularly hot photo. And I do not normally even like thigh boots, but this is just too hot.

    It’s an indicator of the state of the femdom porn industry that one of the best shots around is from a furniture designer. Not that I’m suggesting that Vanessa is making porn – just saying that femdom photography centering on something the woman might actually find pleasurable is absurdly rare.

  3. Thank you both, Steve and Michael for the compliments. 🙂

    One point, I have no problem with porn, or if someone implies that what I do, or have ever done is pornographic. Porn is to one person, what trash is to another. Or was that one mans trash is another mans gold?

    One persons erotica is another persons porn. Harlequin Romance novels are “porn” to a nun. I know a religious lady who finds the angelic cherubs to be obscene. Whatever right?

    Good luck in your facesitting quest Michael. I find it odd that some guys are so into that and desire it. My husband will bribe, beg and bribe again to try to get out of it. I guess thats why I introduced the riding crop for ‘motivation’. 🙂

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