A Little Tied Up at the Moment

I dig this image. I do not know the artist or anything else about it.

I like that there is nothing visibly painful going on or any real suggestion that he is miserable, but he still has this stunned expression on his face. I have been in this exact situation a few times of late and caught Michelle giggling at the incredibly dopey look on my face. I probably looked kinda similar.

Also there’s something so basic about it, it reminds me of the “how-to” drawings found in a book like The Joy of Sex or The Guide to Getting it On. It’s kinda like kink with all the cultural baggage of being “different” taken away. It’s just a guy tied up, a woman teasing him, and both of them enjoying it. You could try this at home.

I just wish the bed was wider so the lady had somewhere to sit down.

One thought on “A Little Tied Up at the Moment

  1. I think its hot as well. If it were me, he might expect that orgasm to take some time, and thats if I don’t ruin it. And yes, she does need a place to sit. Might I suggest on his face? 🙂

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