Monastic March begins on Monday

The injury has healed and I am feeling much better, but work is heating up for both of us in a big way, and the next month sees us both travelling away from home twice each.

We thought last night about how we were going to work any sex into that punishing schedule, and came up with a possible solution…

Last February I joked about giving up chastity for the Lent season, and coming like a mad hamster as often as I wanted.

This year, Michelle and I have cooked up a slightly different scheme: we can have sex during the remainder of February, but the entire month of March will be spent without sex or orgasms for either of us.

Michele has dubbed this idea Monastic March. Personally I think could turn out to be a HAREBRAINED  SCHEME that will drive us both mad as, well, March hares. But it could be fun, too.

To begin with, I wonder if Michele will be able to handle it. She often spends up to about a week without coming, just in the normal course of events, but then invariably we go through a phase where she has lots, the week after. It will be interesting to see how she goes trying to hold on for a month during a busy period. It could go either way: either she’ll be able to switch her sex-drive off, and put the energy into work, or she’ll end up going a little cray and have to come just to take the pressure off herself. I’m already curious to see what happens.

As for me – I think I’ll be OK. Actually it’s going to be super fun to do it with her, and then get together when March is over on April 1.

I know this is a thing that some couples do when they are trying to rekindle their sex life, but it doesn’t really feel like that…ours is still burning away OK. not blazing, but not going out, either. To me, it feels more like a way of sharing not having sex, during a period which is going to be pretty stressful. Rather than worrying about it, we’re gonna try to make it is to a fun thing.

I guess this is a pretty big departure form the normal patten of femdom which has alot of emphasis on the woman coming. Well, so be it.

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