Bringin Sexy Back

Monastic March is underway and Michelle and I are starting to feel good things when we are together. No wild sex obviously, because that’s the whole point – but we have been kissing and fooling around sometimes (even with some teasing fellatio to get me horny), and there’s a sublimated passion and desire that would not normally be there after five day if it was just me in denial, and not both of us.

Basically, knowing you cannot do something is kinda sexier than simply not doing it. And I am finding the mutuality of it very appealing and refreshing.

That’s when we are together, anyway. But as I said, it’s going to be a lonely month. Quite often we’re too busy and not getting the chance to talk or see each other much. I go to be with her, and catch a glimpse of her back as she’s getting changed, and then a minute later she’s fully clothed and out the door, to a meeting, or a girl’s night out, like last night.

Soon she’s going to be taking trips away, too.  We haven’t had to deal with that in a long time.

I love Michelle’s back. At the moment those little glimpses of it symbolize all I could be having that I am not having. So now I just focus on the back.

2 thoughts on “Bringin Sexy Back

  1. Yes I have heard of it.

    Actually I had always thought Karezza – as introduced by Bunker Stockham anyway – was all about male orgasm sublimation only. I have more recently realised many people advocate it for both man and woman.

    Some writers actually suggest that things can get unhealthy if it is only the man who practices continence and the woman comes regularly. Being into femdom, I’m not sure if I agree, but I guess if the woman wants to abstain from orgasms that is totally her right to do so.

    However, I know I shouldn’t get too carried away, because Michelle has made it quite clear that she will come if she really feels like it, and there are to be no rules or bargains for her, just a notion that this might be a fun thing to experiment with.

    On the other hand, I am chaste because she requires it. So there is still an element of power exchange there, although we look a lot less like a femdom couple at present than we did for various periods last year.

    It’s kind of fun anyway. I wonder how long it will last…

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