Running Out of Energy

Remember Astroboy? The cute little robot guy who was always running out of energy at the critical moment. Well, it’s been a little like that over this way, especially when it comes to our supposed month of orgasm denial.

Michelle came to me on about the 10th of this month and confessed that her “fingers had slipped” two nights previously. (She had a guilty look on her face and it was kinda sweet.) That means she made it a grand total of eight days before getting too horny and needing to come. Man, what a wimp.

I gotta say I find this kind of perplexing – and also hot – because there have been plenty of times over the last three years when Michelle would not have come for a week and not thought anything of it.  But this time, she found herself getting too horny. I really hink there was something about lying together not being allowed to take things any further that turned us both on.

But predictably, as soon as she had one, I wanted one, and she let me have one. And since then we’ve both been away, and have hardly seen each other, and things have seemed a long way from the sexy chastity thing we had going on earlier.

C’est la vie. She comes back tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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