The Glow Inside is Back…tentatively

Hi folks,

Probably most regular readers have stopped coming by now but I’m still getting 300+ hits a day on old posts, so hopefully someone out there is still reading this…

Michelle and I have been same as always – working on our relationship, and experimenting with D/s dynamics, especially in bed, but otherwise, keeping things pretty “normal”. I do my thing, and she does hers. It works pretty well, mostly.

The big change is that I have decided to start wearing a device. I currently have on a chrome-plated padlocked ring, attached to a cock cage.

This change was brought about by me. I ordered the device and tested it yesterday, and we put it on together, last night.

I have previously written that I would not go for a device unless she wanted it, and she had always said that it wasn’t really her thing, so I never did it.

Then just lately I decided that I wanted to do it for my own purposes, and asked her if she would do me a favor and be my key-holder. She said yes, she would be prepared to do that.

I have decided I want a device because we both like it when I am chaste, but if I am not locked up, the temptation to masturbate (not to orgasm) becomes too great and I end up doing it too often.

Also, I just like the idea. I think Michelle also likes it now she has thought about it, but doesn’t want it to be a burden or an obligation. So at the moment it’s my thing.

We had awesome sex last night with me locked up, and she said she had a great time. But then later in the evening, I realized that it was actually possible to get the device off. I had ordered the largest sized ring because I was worried about constricting things too much, and that was a mistake; I found that I could slip my balls back through the ring pretty easily, and then the whole thing just came right off.

I got up in the morning and asked Michelle if I could have a key so I could unlock it to get it back on.

“Yes. But you have to give it straight back to me.”

So I unlocked it and gave her back the key straight away, and she hid it.

Then I wrapped gardening twine around the base of the ring, to form a pad about half an inch high that effectively narrows the area that my balls could fit through.

Then I put it back on, and locked it up.

I have just experimented to see if I can get it off with the twine there, and the answer is: yes, I could still get it off, but it would be very hard work, and probably quite painful.

So I think I am effectively locked up now.

Obviously the twine is only a temporary solution, as it will be a bit gross when it gets wet. I may use wire or fishing line, and eventually, get a smaller ring.

Newbie observations so far:

– Walking around with several hundred dollars worth of chrome plated steel on my todger is weird, but also strangely comfortable
– If anyone kicks me in the nuts, I’m pretty much dead
– In order to stop my balls getting squashed between the ring and the cage, I sometimes have to walk and move tentatively, as though I was nursing a minor injury. I’m going to have to get used to it and toughen up, otherwise it will attract attention.
– The bulge is more noticeable than I would like when I wear tight jeans. Michele loves me in tight jeans. Catch 22 right there.
– I’m going to have to take it off for my karate lessons. Gym could be interesting, too.
– I don’t clink nearly as much as I expected.
– I knew I would have to pee sitting down but didn’t realize the end of the cage would bump against the toilet bowl
– Getting an erection in a cage is hot
– What am I going to do when my nephew sits on my knee?


Back with more in a bit. BTW, I have no regular commitment to this any more. It’s just a place to ramble and put up art I like…


6 thoughts on “The Glow Inside is Back…tentatively

  1. Instead of wrapping string around the ring, try lining it with plastic tubing. If the ring is solid, you might have to split the tubing lengthwise and use liquid silicone to glue it back together.

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