Talking Houdini Testicles

The balls and scrotum really is the most incredible piece of anatomy, isn’t it?

I have had to make two additional modifiers to the ring now because the little round guys keep finding a way out.

It’s the testes doing it. They can actually hide inside my body and then transmigrate around through the small space left by the ring and come out the other side of it when I’m off guard.

They’re down there now, planning another escape. I can almost hear them.

R: “He’s been standing up for a while now, leftie. The ring is slipping down a bit. This could be our chance.”

L: OK, you go first this time, rightie.”

R: “See you in Mexico! And don’t forget the secret code word!”

So, now I got talking testicles with mad escape artists skillz, yo. Should I join the circus? Prolly.

2 thoughts on “Talking Houdini Testicles

  1. I have the same thing happen. So what do you do about it? I have thought about wearing a ball-stretcher to get them to hang down further so they don’t go up in me, but my right ball manages to pop out of that, even.


  2. I now have them under control.

    No ball stretcher required. A few extra layers of tape, and the ring was sufficiently tight that there was no getting out for either of the guys.

    Plus, they’re starting to get larger…

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