The Best Hands Down

I woke up last night with one of those physiological erections guys get each night and morning, big and full and natural…or, it would have been, except for the cage in the way.

As well as the sensation of discomfort, I also realised that my right hand was desperately flapping around in my underwear, trying to get hold of my cock. I know hands can’t think, but it seemed almost surprised to find that it could no longer touch my cock.

It was almost like catching out two illicit lovers.

It occured to me that my hand probably does all sorts of things while I am alseep and I would never know. In fact my hand and my cock have probably been playing away together for years and I have had no idea…until now.

And I really do mean years. I’m forty this year. I have been masturbating regularly since I was, like, twelve.  This is really the first time that I have ever been in a situation where I couldn’t. Even when I have been chaste before, I have always been able to hold it.

It’s not just during sleep either. Even when I am wide awake in bed, I sometimes find my hand just wandering down there, expecting to be able to scratch that growing sexual itch. I even find myself repositioning my whole body, lying on my back and spreading my legs to allow it access, only to remember that of course, there’s no point.

Not been able to hold my own penis is kinda profound in some ways. It makes me realize how much of my sexual behavior is completely instinctual.

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