Super sensitive

Michelle let me out of the cage last night for about an hour.

I know it has only been less than a week, but for me, this was the longest time in about thirty-five years in which my cock would have been without me or someone else touching it.

It was super sensitive. Like it is sometimes right after I have come, only not painful.

She ran her hands all over it, lightly, and it was awesome. I was groaning like I was about to come but we had only just got started.

Then the touch got harder and I couldn’t deal with it. I asked her to be more gentle and she granted my wish, but by then, the magic feeling was gone.

But for about a minute, it was incredible. Lock me in there for a month, and I think she’d be able to make me come with a feather. Or just by breathing on it, or looking at it, even.

Alternately if she was feeling mean she could really ruin things for me pretty easily with a few harder strokes.

Incidentally, this didn’t lead into hair trigger while we were screwing. I managed OK with that; not our best, but not hopeless. It was just for the first few moments of freedom, it felt incredible, electric.

Then she asked me to put the cage back on.

Happy Steve.

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