The Cage Itself

Thumper asked, so…this here is the device in question.

There are not many modification options as there seem to be for other makes. There are four ring sizes and that is all.

(BTW, this one is made close to where I live.)

As I said, I ordered a large ring size because I was worried about squashing stuff. Having realized my mistake, I elected not to go immediately and  buy a smaller ring because I thought that after a while, I might not like the make, anyway.

So, I wrapped electrical tape around the ring to make the hole smaller, and as I write this, it would be impossible to get it off without a key, serious injury to my testicles, or a hacksaw.

I also put tape on the lock so it doesn’t get wet.

Pluses –

  • It fits well over my cock and having a semi-erection stiffled by chrome plated metal is hot
  • It has a kind of ‘garage’ / dungeon look, especially with the tape

Minuses –

  • There’s some minor chafing on my left thigh from where the side of the ring rubs through my trunks
  • It slips down a bit after I have had it on for a few hours. This means my testicles start to get slightly pinched by the bottom of the cage and the ring.
  • It’s kinda heavy.

I have found it necessary to deal with the pinching by adjusting it – basically by pulling it back up and moving my scrotum back down through the ring. I do this every so often – usually when I go to the toilet or in the shower – so that the whole thing sits more comfortably.

Re: discoloration of the testes, etc –  I have noticed some of this, but when I adjust things, it dies down in a matter of seconds. I don’t think it’s a health issue, it’s just slightly annoying.

So far my indications are that Michelle intends to let me out for sex, and that’s about all.

So, in the long run, I do not think this product is a viable solution, as whatever is mildly annoying after a week and two days is probably going be a real problem after a month or so.

However, at the moment, I don’t intend to rush out and buy new products when I am still experimenting with the basic idea, so, I am going to stick with this for a while and see how it goes. Then I might see about getting a new device in the new year.


7 thoughts on “The Cage Itself

  1. It looks the same as this one:

    That’s the Sentinel. While being very hot to look at, its reputation is that it’s not very secure. Large ring size aside, the cage has enough play in it so that the penis could be removed fairly easily. At least, that’s what I’ve read. It’s also been knocked for it’s weight, but my Steelheart is 200 grams, so who am I to talk? Also, it’s chrome plated pewter, not stainless. Some of us are stainless snobs.

    Anyway, I’m not trying to dis your cage. It’s *very* attractive and I’ve admired its aesthetic for a long time. But, if you continue down the dark and twisted path of enforced chastity, you might find yourself craving something more. I think your approach to wearing it for now and deciding in the new year what comes next makes a lot of sense.

  2. Oh, and regarding the Houdini testicles, it’s probably a combination of the ring being a bit large and the fact that the gap between the cage and the ring is relatively wide (and, as I mentioned, variable as the tube moves around). I think the moral of the story is that the Sentinel is more for short-term play than it is day-to-day wear.

  3. Yep. That’s pretty much what I am working out. I have had to take it off, owing to another Houdini escape act. I think I’m going to get put back in later.

    If we are spending time together it is kinda hawt though.

  4. Liked the look. Impulsivity. Cheaper than a CB. A little of all 3.

    With the exception of two Houdini testicle episodes and a few issues with tight pants, it’s actually fine.

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