A new nickname

Michelle’s new nickname for my penis is:

Nelson Mandela

She keeps singing that song by the Special AKA (“21 years in captivity, are you so blind that you cannot see?” etc.) with an evil smirk on her face.

She has also referred to it as the prisoner, the convict (and the escaped prisoner / convict), the caged beast and a variety of other silly things.

Sometimes I just don’t think she is taking this seriously!

She’s out now at exercise class. She always come back all glowing, and I want to jump on her so badly I almost have to tie myself down. But we’ve arranged to spend the rest of the day in the garden. During which she will no doubt be wearing a singlet.

Why must life be so hard?


2 thoughts on “A new nickname

  1. She seems to have settled on “Mandela and the Houdini brothers.”

    I asked to be released this morning so I could have some “free swinging” time. Just to feel it loose, y’know?

    No dice.

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