Can I wear my chastity device in the gymnasium?

After three gym sessions in the device, and two back out of it, I can report the following changes to my regular routines while I am locked up:

10 minutes on upright bike – possible, but I can no longer bend forward and grab the  handlebars on the sprint. I have lost about 500m over my ten minutes.

10 minutes on cross trainer – as normal

5 minutes on rower – as normal

10 minutes on treadmill –  not possible. The bottom of the cage bangs repeatedly into my scrotum when I jog. I am investigating some form of bandage to keep the whole thing more still, and tucked lower down.

Russian twists with medicine ball – possible

Hovers / plank position – possible

Sit ups and leg raises – I do not like doing these at the gym. Anything involving me lying down with my legs apart would give an onlooker a pretty clear view of the bulge. Luckilly I can do these at home so there is no big deal, but it would be nice to get it all done at once.

All my pin-weight exercises (lateral pull, compound row, shoulder press, chest raise, etc) are possible. I have developed the habit of draping the sweat towel casually across my thigh to distract gaze from the bulge when I do these.

Looks like I can stay fit in this baby, with  few minor adjustments to my routine, and the occasional adjustment to the cage in the shower cubicle. It will need to come off for Karate, and that is all.

So, if you were ever wondering how to spot which guy at the gym has a device on?

  • When doing weights, has sweat towel draped casually across thigh (the same one each time)
  • Won’t do anything where he has to lie on his back
  • Won’t use the treadmill
  • Visits shower cubicle but doesn’t have shower, or change noticeably
  • Won’t sit forward on the upright bike trainer
  • Wears a t-shirt saying “Chaste and Lovin’ It!”.

That’s the guy.

4 thoughts on “Can I wear my chastity device in the gymnasium?

  1. I don’t run, but I do a lot of other of those activities, and I find that snug briefs, or boxer-briefs, are the best solution for support. I have had issues with the bike seats, but on my own bike I’ve used both a gel seat, and a split saddle (I think there might be pics on my blog). I no longer belong to the local gym – I’ve collected all the equipment I need in my basement – so I don’t worry about the reclined exercises.

  2. Ah, a basement. That would solve things.

    I have started buying size small briefs for this exact reason. But an extra bandage in there to strap the whole appendage to my leg might be even better.

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