Interview with Gigi de Domai re: Defeat to Man City 1:0

Gigi de Domai’s position as manager of Chelsea FC in the English Premier League is under a cloud after their 1:0 defeat to Manchester City on Saturday.

The huge breasted former porn model watched on in evident disinterest from the sidelines as Carlos Tevez’s second-half strike ended the champions’ 100 per cent record this season.

The Chelsea coach watches from the sidelines

“My guys did not play real good,” said de Domai after the game. “That other team, Blue City or whatever, they was better. They kept on getting the ball off our guys. We never got a chance to kick it in the net thingy. Their guys kept getting in the way.”

Indeed, it was a contest with few opportunities, a tactical battle with defences largely on top throughout. Tevez’s moment of inspiration just before the hour proved to be decisive. Chelsea were unable to halt the South American’s burst from halfway and he found the perfect finish too, through Ashley Cole’s legs and in off the post.

Carlos Tevez congratulated by Drogba after the game

De Domai’s men battled hard to force an equaliser, but, just as they had done for most of the contest, they failed to open up a disciplined City defence and came no nearer than the header Branislav Ivanovic struck the bar with before half-time.

Although this is their first loss of the season, many within the football community are beginning to question De Domai’s appointment as head of the sucessful London club.

“She doesn’t know anything about football!” commented one of the senior coaching staff, who would not be named. “She just sits around on the sidelines half-naked, waiting for people to bring her vodka martinis.”

With some now even suggesting that the initial form of the club has been down to caretaker syndrome (in which a club do better under interim or absent leadership for a short period), the chorus for her dismissal is beggining to grow.

“It’s distracting, having her giant cans down there on the sideline all the time. And to be honest, we’re not even sure how she got the job in the first place,” said another well-placed anonymous source. “I mean, the club’s owner is a Russian billionaire, and she’s a Russian porn model, so, hey, there couldn’t possibly be a connection there, right? It must be something else.”

De Domai herself declined to comment, other than saying: “Look, I not interested in this whole football thing very much.”

With the season well underway and fixtures against top clubs looming, many Londoners must be hoping she gets interested soon, or packs her bags!

"How come they doesn't just pick it up in their hands?"

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