Chatity Forums Dot Com – rules and cultural protocol

Thumper has a new (ish) Chastity discussion forum going at There are lots of members and regular posting.

I was never much of a forum poster until this came along, as the forums for kinksters (submissive men in particular) I found always seemed to be full of people trying in vain to pick up, dudes that were probably lying, or, prodommes looking for phone sex clients. Not so hott.

But this seems a better bet so far.  To start with, there’s a pretty defined culture of commonsense rather than fantasy. Check out the rules page:

The first and most important rule here at Chastity Forums is this: DON’T BE A DICK.

Other than that, there are no rules. That being said, this is a site about male chastity in the real world, not some fantasy wank land. Please, be respectful of that. Also, we tend to be the non-French maid uniform crowd who call our locked cocks lots of things, but never “sissy clitties”. Really. Never.

It struck me when I joined the forum that the internet probably plays a huge role in shaping many men’s beliefs about themselves and their new-found sexuality. As soon as they get on the net, they find a myriad of images and depictions of submissive men as feminized, or pathetic, or both, and many men must assume that this is how they have to behave in order to get a compatible partner.

I know, this begs the question, is the internet a reflection of taste, or does it create it?

But I do  wonder how many guys actually start out with the idea that they want to be forced to clean the bathroom with a toothbrush and made to eat of a dog’s bowl. There would be some, but, would there be as many?

And I wonder too, if left to their own imaginings without the internet, if submissive guys would develop a different sense of how their sexuality was going to work out in practice.

I remember my first uneducated yearnings were to simply to be jumped on and used for her pleasure, without her having any concern for my own. Maid’s uniforms were not in the equation.

Anyway, point is, there are corners of the internet in which discussions of chastity have a culture separate from the maid / feminization fantasies. You can look at as a good example.

2 thoughts on “Chatity Forums Dot Com – rules and cultural protocol

  1. Hey, stop blathering and get your ass back in the kitchen and stir the sauce clittie-boy. 🙂

    Seriously, you make some very good points. In all my years interacting with femdom types, going to munches and kink-social-groups (although I don’t so much anymore) I rarely, as in hardly ever ran into other women who who yearning for a “frenchmaid-with-feather-duster-sticking-out-of-his-ass-submissive”.

    Any guy I am attracted to is going to be masculine. I think what thrilled me so much about my husband was the fact that he is super-masculine, above average in height, weight, strength, penis size, muscles etc. There is an extra rush for me in being able to “control” (I call it vag-control) a guy who is 7 inches taller than me and about 110 pounds heavier. He literally can pick me up over his head with one hand. Yet he does just about anything I ask/demand of him. Little power trip there.

    Anyones sexual interests (consentual of course) is fine. But as you mentioned, just because there are 40 billion online photos of guys in a skirt and heels with their dick in a chastity device does not mean that most women (femdom or otherwise) are attracted nor excited by that look and practice.

    Alright, guess I have to go stir my own sauce (if you know what I’m saying, lol).

  2. Hey, stop blathering and get your ass back in the kitchen and stir the sauce clittie-boy


    See, that sounds hilarious to me. If my wife said that to me I would probably burst out laughing (and quite probably, I’d also do it).

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