Damn It! Injured Again.

Damn damn damn.

I have torn a calf muscle.

This is the second injury this year. The first one was  a back strain I picked up doing shoulder weights, and went undiagnosed for a while, I talked about it in the post called Feeling Low.

This one I picked up playing soccer after a session on leg weights. I must have not stretched out properly – although I totally thought I had done it OK.

It’s partly annoying because I had lost about 4kg and now I suspect it is all going to come back on again.

It’s also annoying because it makes me feel a fool, over-eager, someone who doesn’t know their limits. I should be able to stick to an exercise programme without injuring myself once every six months.I really should. But I feel so excited and pleased when my wife praises my appearance, I think I push it a little harder than it should go.

Anyway, I’ve looked up this type of injury and it says it will take about 2 weeks before I should be doing any excercise using my legs, so I am limited to a few arm weights and floor routines for the time being.

As I had just gotten up to a fast ten minute treadmill run, this is a real set-back.

Hate feeling like a fool.


3 thoughts on “Damn It! Injured Again.

  1. A few months back I pulled a groin muscle – or something. In fact, I even checked with the doc, since i was afraid it was a hernia. He thought it might be, and gave me the names of some surgeons, which naturally I haven’t yet called.

    I skipped lower body exercises most of the summer, and just focused on upper body, with a lot of bike riding.

    This week I hit the weights hard again, and today I tried some deadlifts. I’m fine, but the DOMS form the other day is killing me. I dont’ worry about appearing an over-eager fool; I just worry that I might actually be getting too old.

  2. That makes me sad because you are Tom “the Buff” Allen, part of my inspiration to actually be in decent shape when I am older. (I’m 40 btw.)

    I’m not kidding here. I always liked the fact that your blog was partly about staying in shape. Made the whole thing seem more realistic, somehow.

    What does that famous ethicist (can’t remember name) say about the only part of the world you can really fix is yourself?

    I kinda feel that way about excercise. My body is something I can really do something about, something that is in my own control.

    So when it is out of my control, it bums me out.

  3. Don’t fret – when I said “too old,” what I meant was “too old to be trying to keep up with people half my age.” My new target might have to be keeping up with people who are 2/3 my age. 🙂

    But seriously, I’ve decided that I can’t fight getting older. My eyesight has deteriorated, and I dont’ quite recover as quickly from injury as I did when I was 25. That said, however, while I can’t fight time, and *can* fight entropy. My body might be changing, but not *all* of it is out of my control, so I’m going to continue to work on the stuff that I *can* do something about.

    Was at a picnic recently; my wife went earlier because I was someplace else. I biked to the picnic because I planned to bike form the picnic to another event later. I showed up in one of those tight, sleeveless bike shirts, and all the women (50s to 60s in age, mind you) were admiring how well I had shaped up in the last year. Likewise, at a few other recent events, people have been complimenting me on the weight loss, even though nobody ever said that I looked “fat.” When one woman asked what my motivation was, I replied that I wanted to make myself irresistible to Mrs. Edge so she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off of me. That got quite a few smiles (including one from Mrs. Edge), followed by a few elbows in the ribs to my male friends. So, apparently the stuff that I can change is working.

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