Dongstopper 8000

I have been in and out of the device lately and I have been thinking a lot lately about designs for devices that would actually work for me long term. That’s the main point of this post.

I am currently wearing just the ring, and it is WAAAAAY comfortable and awesome. I saw a message board post recently with a guy describing this as being kinda like wearing a wedding ring, and I know exactly what this means. There is something so comforting about having it there, a permanent, low level reminder of sexual desire that somehow builds slowly throughout the days like…a glow inside my body, sorry, I had to go there.

But as for the cage, well, I could wear it happily if my life were spent in tracksuit pants at home, but at work it is becoming seriously difficult to manage. Half my wardrobe is out of the question. Having looked at other options online I am not sure if a change of device is going to solve the problem. The issue is more with the whole way “ring and cage” devices are designed. No matter what you do, your balls are always going to be a target for squishing and your pants are always going to have a large, strange and basically immovable bulge somewhere inside them.

I’ve been thinking about a design which is basically

  • A locked ring with the padlocked join down the bottom, near the perineum
  • Two strands of metal coming out from the top of the ring that sit over the top of the penis, which ends up tucked down against the balls. The strands cross over each other and end up nestling against the glans. They are tipped with small steel balls to prevent them poking the glans.

I utterly suck at drawing, and I am aware that this basically looks like a picture of a cock ring with the guy’s penis crossed out, but hopefully you get the idea.

The bottom line – I don’t actually see the point in wearing a cage or a tube when really all that would be required to keep the penis flat down to the balls and pointing downward is a couple of well-placed rods of metal that crossed one another to form an X. You’d still pee sitting down. You could maybe get an erection but couldn’t masturbate. And the whole package would point downwards, rather than forward and down in an arc like cage devices do. (Even though this cartoon guy’s junk is sitting up pretty, mine doesn’t, when I am just wearing the ring).

If you’re reading this and thinking “hey, but that’s exactly the design of the Dongstopper 8000” or whatever, feel free to point this out to me because at the moment I do not know where to purchase such an item, or, if they would actually work as I imagine they might.

3 thoughts on “Dongstopper 8000

  1. Interesting trackback above, from a post basically saying “How funny! Don’t worry! No-one can see your device.”

    Yet I’m pretty sure I’m not the only chaste guy around who has had some concerns about the bulge issue and chosen devices with that as a factor.

    In fact, I suspect that the reason it may be difficult to spot guys wearing a device is because we are careful not to let it be seen, wear clothes accordingly, and in some cases, stop wearing a particular device, especially at work, due to reasons such as this.

    But perhaps we are all kidding ourselves, and there is no need to worry at all!

    Whatever…I’m sure not going to work in chinos and then having a meeting in someone’s office while I’m wearing this thing.

  2. “Whatever…I’m sure not going to work in chinos and then having a meeting in someone’s office while I’m wearing this thing.”

    And that is why I think so many are on a quest for the holy grail of chastity devices. You and probably every other person (man or woman) that has put one of these devices on has spent time thinking of a better way. Too bad we are limited by the combination of someone with both the good idea, and the skills to turn that idea in to a real device. It will probably be a while before a company with a full R&D department takes on this task.


    p.s. I love your blog, thanks for sharing

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