Being her bra

A new trend in Chez Mayhew: it’s kinda like having vanilla pudding with some vanilla sauce, and washed down with vanilla extract tea. (Kinksters, consider yourself fairly warned.)

Is it neccesary to say that I adore Michelle’s breasts? I thought not. She is a C cup, sometimes D, which of course I now think of as the perfect size, because it is.

Lately she has taken, partly at my request, to losing her bra in the evenings and inviting me to cup her breasts with my hands as she lies on the couch with me. She comes out warm and soft and available, and lies down with her head on my lap, and I get to be her bra for a few hours.

I don’t move my hands very much or try to stimulate her breasts in any way, because apparently, it is just the feeling of being held which is nice. It is safe and comforting and supportive and makes her feel kept and secure.

After lying together like this for a while Michelle is often in quite a dreamy blissful state.

Man, how much do I relate to that. If I could somehow have Michelle’s hand as a chastity device, I’d totally do it. Warm and lithe and gentle, but firm, and totally secure.

Could be a little impractical though. 🙂

One thought on “Being her bra

  1. Awwww thats so nice.Just to be there and hold her breasts in a comforting manner.Know what you mean about using her hands down there on us too.Just as comforting.But I think it also send a message out of ownership.

    One sureal fantasy of mine is to be behind my lass holding her breasts as my job replacing her bra.

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