Bizzare turn-around

OK so chastity etc has been on the back-burner for a while here, we toyed with a chrome device last year and it was fun for a while but got unweildy.

Also we are going through a life upheaval at the moment – another big work-related move like the one we had a few years back – and this is normally exactly the sort of situation in which the chastity kink thing goes out the window because we are both too busy for it.

But for some reason, I coyly mentioned to Michelle the other day in the shower that if she wanted to, she could put me in a chastity device, at the start of the new situation. (We move in July.)

“Yeah, sure, go online and buy the most practical one you can find, so you can wear it long-term.”

Uh, OK.

This is kind of out of the blue. I don’t even know why I thought to mention it. I didn’t think she would say yes actually.

So I’m thinking of buying a CB6000 because it seems to be the most common one in use.

So anyway, hmmm. I’m not exactly burning with optimism, because we have tried pretty hard to work this thing out before, and life has gotten in the way, just like I thought it would here. But, she seemed quite unfazed and unpressured by the whole thing.

New approach: keep mouth shut.

I’ll be back.

7 thoughts on “Bizzare turn-around

  1. If you are planning on wearimg CB6000 long-term and out in public, then I suggest you consider the 6000s. It is much more comfortable and concealing. Don’t be intimidated by the dimensions unless you are significantly larger than the average size. I have worn both and the 6000s is much better for everyday use. Just throwing my unsolicited opinion out there so ignore it if you like. Good luck on your move and a new beginning. 🙂

  2. OK, I admit it. I’m fricken huge down there.

    If you lined me up in a room with nine normal dudes, I’d throw ‘average’ right out the window. It’d be like asking the ‘average’ income of ten guys, if one of them was Bill Gates.

    You’d have to rely on the ‘median’ to get any sensible score at all.

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