Linkage Renewal

Blog link renewal time.

  • Femdom-Resources is up and looks the goods.
  • Man I sure I am getting a lot of hits from Keyheld. Appreciated.Added a banner.
  • Chastity Forums is still going all right. I added a banner.
  • The Pickle Queen is down. I always liked it. It was one of those sites that got set up before the blogosphere really kicked in and maybe got a bit left behind? But it was a good ‘un.
  • Rodzo dot com is down. His work is still up at the Strict Susan website (see the links). Mistress Susan contacted me a while back to say it had been along time since she had heard from him.
  • Painter Jayne’s site is still up but most of the images are missing.
  • The Femdom Wiki project has folded. My post here was in vain. Images from that site that were hotlinked have gone.
  • The Wayback Machine is still up and is still there but they must have changed their hosting policy because they now block image linking. I’m fixing a few old posts.
  • A Slave’s True Nature is still up but no sign of Nik. I don’t know why but that particular blogger really appealed to me.

Update: The Dominant’s View is also down! My art archive post is trashed. Bummer. That was a good site.

I suppose there are prolly lots of cool femdom tumblrs out there now too. I’m resisting the temptation to do my own.

Oh, and I really love this picture.

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