cb6000s – week one

A week in the device with no release and time to take stock.

The device is fine so far. Getting erections is a bit uncomfortable, so I have been avoiding lustful thoughts throughout the day and looking for ways to distract myself.

I find, oddly, that reading or looking at blogs and images online doesn’t really cause any problems with that. I get turned on in mild way but I do not actually get an erection. It’s when I think about my wife things starts ‘crunching’ (not literally but it feels like they are about to). When I am with her, this mild pain is delightful and makes her giggle, but she is away at the moment, so thinking about being with her is basically self-inflicted torture. I took a shirt of hers to bed with me last night to remind me of her smell. Mistake.

If I remember to put some lubricant around my scrotum and perineum before I go to bed I have no issues with chafing so far. In the shower, I take the opportunity to move things around a bit to make sure nothing gets ‘stuck’. So far so good. No apparent hygiene issues either and really no problem with going to the toilet. It lines up pretty well.

I have noticed that the main top seam on the cage is more visible than it was. I have read that several users have had issues with the cage splitting, which is apparently quite a big deal if it happens while you have a night-time erection and the excess tissue forces its way through the split, which then closes back on the skin again. Ouch. Next time Michelle lets me out I may do as Mr Allen recommends, and deliberately break the cage at the seams, and then superglue it back again to make a stronger join.

On other fronts, I have noticed that this device is far more gym friendly than the chrome device. My previous wrap-up pointed out that there were quite a few things I could not do in the old device: reclining exercises and the bike exercises were the main issues. Both of these problems are fixed by the new device. I can do a full 15-min bike ride no problems, and floor work is also discreet.

Oh yeah, and I am pretty horny. Sleeping a bit less than I was but nothing like the insomnia that develops if I am not in a device and edge myself. And a bit more energy than normal.

I am experimenting with ways of feeling the horniness in other parts of me, mostly in my stomach, so that it doesn’t automatically cause me to bar up. More of that in another post.


3 thoughts on “cb6000s – week one

  1. When we switched from a CB-3000 to the CB-6000S I made the mistake of commenting, “This so much more comfortable I could probably wear it all the time”. My Wife had a funny look and I knew I should not have said anything. Well guess what, she requires me to wear it all the time now. In the last year I’ve only not had it on for about two weeks. I haven’t masturbated in almost a year and I’m thinking I want to stop wearing it, but I doubt my Wife would allow that.
    She makes me promise her before she’ll unlock me, that I’ll put it back on and she usually only allows me to be free for a few hours, never long enough to remember what it’s like to really have a free penis. Inside I’m kinda proud to wear it in her honor, so she’s sure that I haven’t cheated, by masturbating.
    This Sat. will be 28 days for me and that the longest I’ve worn it straight. Its my record longest time and my Wife has made me go 28 days many times, but right now she is mad at me so I’m hoping she doesn’t make me go past the 28 day record. After 28 days the ejaculation that I have is the best ever and I can’t imagine it being any better.
    Once when she had me close to a 28 day stint she unlocked me and began squeezing my testicles like she always does (drives me mad) and she also then started stroking me. She brought me to the edge twice and stopped. then she started slowly stroking me more and without a warning I started to ejaculate.
    After one squirt she squeezed it off and stopped it (minimized ejaculation), but my little 4 3/4″ er continued to spasp with now where to go. It was the same as if there was an ear plug in it because she wouldn’t let anything out. Then she had me orally please because my erection went down.
    Because she only gave me a minimized ejaculation I couldn’t finish and make it complete to fully drain me. Usually it takes me almost two weeks before I start feeling needy and it makes me want to serve her, but this time I was thee in two days. I’ve read it has to do with drop in testosterone a male suffers from when he completely ejaculates.
    I’ll complete the task every chance I get when allowed to.

  2. I would sort of like it if Michelle required me to wear this all the time, but it is enough of an honor for me at the moment to have been asked to wear it at all, so I don’t want to rush anything.

    Michelle comes back tomorrow and I actually have no idea what is going to happen. She might want me to come inside her five times in a week, or she might leave me locked up for another month. I literally have no idea. I can’t really lose, though.

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