Is it comfortable, Aengus?

Facesitting: is it actually comfortable for the woman? Let’s ask three of Aengus’ cartoon facesitters.

“What? Of course it’s uncomfortable for me as well. I’m only doing it because you asked me to. And in return I get you to give me head properly. Five minutes for you. An hour for me. Now stop complaining.”

“Yes, I suppose it is moderately comfortable. It’s kinda warm and your nose is pushing in to my bottom which is sweet. But it would be better if you would stop moving. Or talking. Just make a low continuous humming noise. There. that’s fine.”

“Well, it’s not entirely comfortable but it’s the best thing on offer. The shower stools I saw were far too low, and our piano stool is wooden. And, by the way, you don’t have to lick. I really do just want you to sit on.”

2 thoughts on “Is it comfortable, Aengus?

  1. Great stuff. Of course the reality is that for most women, facesitting is not all the comfortable for any extended period of time. You sort of want to be able to lean back, have some support and be able to enjoy “the ride”. Especially for anyone with knee or back problems, or as we get older (which in this case means beyond about 23, lol).

    If only there was some type of device, an apparatus, something where we can sit comfortably and enjoy proper tongue servicing of our nether regions. 🙂

  2. Hah! Cheeky.

    Honestly I love the idea of a queening chair but the lady of the house vastly prefers lying on her back. I must say, she’s getting really good at it.

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