Note to self: Hetero women like penises

A blindingly obvious statement, but something I have really only just gotten my head round, age 41.

Michelle and I were doing 69 one time recently and she’s telling me it’s the best ever. A large part of that was the look of pre-cum leaking out the head, close to her mouth.

I have never really been into teh penus so I cannot really relate to that, but hey, I am not a hetero woman, or gay (much). I know other guys like it, but I always just figured it was a means to an end rather than an end in itself. So I guess now, I have to think about it in reverse.

You know that basic but inexplicable appeal of vaginas? How much I love hers, despite it being, y’know, just a vagina? Turns out my wife has similar feelings for my dangly bits. She just likes ’em. She’s designed to.

So, where I see something hard and soft and pink and squashy and hairy and almost ridiculous looking hanging off me, she sees…a prime mover for her sex drive. Well, maybe she sees that other thing too, but, you know…

I guess it might serve me to start seeing that from her perspective, though.

Note to self: penises are sexy. Mine in particular.

Don’t know whether anyone out there will get this, but I thought I’d put it out there. It had not really properly occurred to me before.

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