Life Mirrors Art but only sometimes

So actual readers of this blog – rather than those who come here on image searches – might have been wondering what is up with us, and the answer is basically, nothing.

We have moved to foreign climes again, and almost gotten through the period of chaos that happens when you move, but there’s so much going on that it’s hard to focus on D/s / chastity aspects of our relationship like we sometimes have when there’s been less happening. I sometimes wonder if we will end up properly exploring this when we are both retired. Plus, internet here is almost more expensive than gold, so I haven’t had much blog time.

So, uh, nothing to report, although I have determined to get myself back into the device in a few weeks time, just for my own interest, without Michelle necessarily having too much to do with it.

I might pop back in with the odd art post every now and again to keep this moving. It’s funny, my site stats keep going slowly upward, almost regardless of how much I actually post. People are still stumbling onto the old stuff I guess.



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