’12 Update

Hi, after another long absence.

Situation here in my world is one of limited femdommery. The deal is very low key and involves chastity, with neither of us really make a big deal of, and a level of submissiveness which is manageable for both of us. I mostly do as Michelle asks and she often remembers to ask for what she wants, so I’d say we’re slowly getting there. This does not feel like a grand arrival or a big moment. It is more like some gradual, incremental changes have finally added up to something.

The chastity thing is not with a device at the moment. It’s free swinging and generally lasts about two weeks before she decides to make me come in the heat of passion. I think we may have turned a corner some time ago, when we finally realised that I was actually the one who wanted me to stay chaste. This changes the paradigm from her making me chaste, to, her making me come. It also stops me fretting about whether she ‘really wants it’ or any of that. If she wants to make me come, she does. The rest of the time I do my own thing.

The arguments we were having over the last few years have subsided, a lot. If we do argue it is about real things, like, where we are ultimately going to live. The pointless domestic bickering or trying to ‘sort out our relationship’ arguments are absent, I think we have both realised it is more destructive to have them than it is to keep quiet. This is good for us because we are both professional communicators (technical writer, publisher) and have been trained to think that reasoned argument can solve everything, but sometimes the opposite is true: shutting the hell up can solve everything.

Otherwise there is life as usual and it is busy, and gets in the way. It always does with us, but I figure seeing as we keep making these decisions to do complicated things, we must enjoy it on some level, so there is no reason to moan.

I’ll be back periodically.

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