Boob-led economic recovery

Auré (Pernice), the Sicilian artist I reviewed last year, sent me an e-mail a while back pointing out a few things.

It’s just Auré, not Aurelio.

His website for his Femdom art is actually at: I already put up several samples of the art in the previous post.

There’s more. Turns out Auré is the founder of the Aurè Italian FemDom Political Movement and he has a dream: Being, in the near future, the Italian Prime Minister.

I can’t read Italian but from the looks of the banner ads, I’m guessing the message is fairly simple: let’s just let large Sicilian women with beautiful breasts run everything. Oh yeah, and Abolire le Tasse means Abolish Taxes….

I’m not normally one for matriarchy fantasies but seriously, bring it. I’m quite certain that either of this lady’s breasts would do a better job of running Italy than either of the last two actual presidents.

Oh, and he also has a lifestyle blog called, and a Deviant art and a Myspace and whole lot more.

So let’s all get behind Auré’s push to become president of Italy and bring about a boob-led economic recovery.

One thought on “Boob-led economic recovery

  1. I just visited your blog today for the first time, seeing a link to it on paltego’s Femdom Resource. Excellent blog and glad I stumbled upon it. I think Aure could garner a significant number of votes. There’s one demographic from which I’m sure he’d have 100% support! Also, there are worse platforms to run on than one that favors putting Dominant Women in charge 🙂

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