The Bush Administration

The other day Michelle and I were joking about referring to her vagina as the Bush administration.

Sex was “taking up a position in the Bush administration.”

When I had some pre-come issues, it was “a leak in the Bush administration.”

(That will never stop being funny, right?)

Point is, I’ve developed a thing for hair. The pubic variety, armpits included.

I find it very telling that this happens during chastity. (It has happened before.)

If I am coming every day or so, my visual preference starts to drift back to shaved soft porn girls, who are superficially sexy but in many ways pubescent and generally not as mature, or powerful, as the type of woman I begin to lust after when I haven’t come in a few weeks.

It is like the difference between opting for some soft-serve ice cream when I have a sugar craving but am not really hungry, and sitting down to some kind of rich meal, spicy but wholesome, when I am really starving.

Body hair is at the centre of that. Maybe I use the food analogy because my wife smells like cumin and coriander and pine resin and toast and lime and pepper, and the hair is at the centre of her smell.

Or maybe, it is just the way it looks.

2 thoughts on “The Bush Administration

  1. Ok, I just found this site and I have to say that the ‘Bush Administration’ made me laugh out loud. Since that particular Presidency has a reputation for lacking intelligence I would also add that when we get sex dumb (you know, so horny we become stupid) you could say ‘Sorry, I’m campaigning for the Bush administration’. Admittedly, not as funny as yours but the best I can muster at this time 🙂

    I also found it interesting that you noticed changes in your tastes for erotic imagery dependent on the amount of sexual activity that you are currently engaged in. I have noticed a similar trend with me although it is more along the lines of when I am sexually active I become very picky about what I will spend my time watching/viewing. However, if I hit a dry spell so to speak, then almost anything I come across….I cum across!

    The image you used for this post..Va-Va-VOOM! and a hearty Hubba Hubba to boot 😉

  2. Hi Robert,

    Yep, I sure know what you mean by sex dumb. I really have spent a lot of time campaigning for the bush administration over the last five years.

    Glad you like the picture. It is of German model Chloe Vevrier, before she succumbed to the demands of the American porn market and got out the razor.

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