Taking the Not Piss

A few years ago I wrote a piece about female ejaculation in which I concluded that most of what we are seeing in internet FE clips must be urine, for the simple reason there just isn’t another organ in the female body capable of holding that amount of fluid. To be precise, the bladder is capable of holding about 440 millilitres, which is about what you’d see in the average gusher clip, while the Skein gland and other passages in the urethra – the place where the ejaculate fluid supposedly comes from – can hold about 5-10ml, which is a few teaspoons. This is enough to wet a face, make a nice spray, or slick up the thighs, but not nearly enough to squirt all over the room.

But still, the purveyors of FE hype insist on claiming that the copious substance we are seeing is the magical “Not-Piss”, because otherwise guys would think they were being tricked (!).

This is absolutely one of those areas when internet hype has smothered genuine sexual practice, and it has messed things up in two ways.

Firstly, it means that ordinary couples trying for a non-urine squirt might start with a false image of what they are trying to achieve. In reality, stimulating the g-spot during oral sex or masturbation can produce an orgasm in which a sweet slick fluid is expelled, but if you are expecting a waterfall, you might not realise that those gentle spits of rain were the event in question. As the writer at the Clitoris.com points out, it is quite possible that a woman could ejaculate during orgasm and the couple might not necessarily notice if the amount of fluid was small, and they were otherwise preoccupied when it happened – which you would kinda hope they were.

Part of the reason I’m writing this is because I’ve now felt Michelle gush quite a few times. (I haven’t really seen it, because it’s gone straight onto my lips and chin every time.) If I press her g-spot, then just before she comes, the g-spot will harden and contract beneath my fingers in her plateau phase, and then suddenly, there will be much more moisture, and it will be very slick and sugary. It’s hot. But the main point is, it took me a while to realise that the thing I was fantasizing about was already happening…

Anyway, the other way the FE hype around Not-Piss has messed things up is by creating the impression that pissing during orgasm is disgusting, or somehow cheating, by pretending to be a “real” ejaculation. (This is ironic because it’s what many of those women are actually doing).

Who came up with this concept of a “real” female ejaculation, anyway? What if a woman is genuinely claiming to have had a fantastic orgasm and squirted out a very large amount of piss? I’m assuming here that if we have computers, we also have bathrooms.

But instead of accepting the fact that some women can squirt out urine during orgasm and enjoy it, people would rather invent a new breed of woman who have an organ in their bodies totally unknown to science, or, who have Skein glands that are forty times the normal size. (Either that or they totally duck the question of where the fluid is actually coming from…)

Michelle has never squirted urine in an orgasm, and seems unlikely to do so. C’est la vie. And, a boy can still fantasise…

3 thoughts on “Taking the Not Piss

  1. (spammer!)

    But yeah, the whole thing is dumb and irritating. It’s like suggesting that men who can have prostate orgasms aren’t taking it up the ass because, hey, that would be gross and you might touch poo. So, therefore, there must be this other hole through which the prostate is directly stimulated, with no poo.

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