Alex Chapmon at Erotic Artists.Org

Erotic Artists is a new-ish online community for, uh, erotic artists to show and sell their wares.

(Actually it ain’t that new. It seems to have started in 2005 but spent a long time on the runway.)

Their femdom art section has 95 pieces, nearly all of which are by Alex Chapmon. A lot of the work is new – i.e. since bout 2009.

Alex Chapmon is a femdom art regular, but until recently I had never found a homepage for this artist. This is it. There are about 90 pieces of his / her work there.

On the gender subject, I’m guessing that Alex is probably a black guy but I really can’t tell. It could be a woman.

Did someone say pathetic man stereotype? I don’t really like these illustrations, mostly because the captions are so unsubtle they make me want to get into and just erase them. But not everything Chapmon does is captioned that way.

In general I think his / her style is interesting but thematically we aren’t in the same place, at all. But if you like that kind of thing, there is plenty more…

9 thoughts on “Alex Chapmon at Erotic Artists.Org

  1. I am a big fan but my boyfriend is an even bigger fan! The women that he draws are so incredibly powerful!! I really love what he does!, the cruel bitchy women and the poor weak looking men. The women are angry, cruel, dominant in an amused kind of way, also the men seem so pitiful and miserable… I really appreciate his work and the lifestyle it depicts. Its one of a kind!

  2. I like his art, but he really is like a black eric stanton in regards to the attitudes of the women. The women seem to have this stereotypical “angry black woman attitude”, which I find interesting at times. Not on the level of an Eric Stanton, but he has become quite popular in recent years. He has a few interviews online and he is somewhat of a selfish artist, meaning he illustrates for himself and not his fans. But you could probably say the same thing about Namio Harukawa.

  3. I dont know why people compare this artist to Stanton. His talent level is NO WHERE EVEN CLOSE to an Eric Stanton or Namio for that matter!! I think people put him on this pedistal because hes black, but in reality he is probably the WORST femdom artist of all of them!

  4. @Nelson

    Alex is a great guy! I’ve met him in person and I’ve sessioned with him. He is surprisingly a little larger and muscular than people might think, (judging from the male characters in his art) and very handsome. Just a great guy and beautiful art work! So please……your comments are full of hate and stupid.

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