Casotto Crush

OK, I have to admit it – I have developed a crush on Italian erotic artist Giovanna Casotto. She does some femdom, but it’s not the thing I really care about with her.

She started working in the 90s I think, when she met up with erotic artist Francesco Suadelli. He took photos of her, and she turned them into pin up art. So, nearly all the drawings are self-portraits. I’d love to see the actual photos used to make the illustrations.

Part of the reason I find her drawings incredibly hot is that no one else seems to draw women masturbating like this lady. Even despite the nails and the high heels, she always looks like she is really into it, and in the grand moment, she probably wouldn’t really care if you are there or not.

Damn that’s hot. The expression on her face here is almost identical to Michelle’s when she goes over the edge. It is my favorite piece of art at the moment.

Casotto herself looks like this, at various ages:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She is aging now (very beautifully in my view) but her drawings of herself capture an almost ageless female figure. She could be twenty five and wanton, or fifty and well preserved. It almost doesn’t matter.

But most importantly I like that she is showing us a projected version of her own sexuality. She draws herself as she feels herself to be, and the way she would like us to see her. I can’t think of another artist that does this. It lends the otherwise impersonal pin up pictures a personal feel.

I know, it is a bit strange to be waxing lyrical over a European cartoon and pin-up artist whose work is kinda generic, and also is pretty old now. But I just dig the fact that she was really putting herself out there, showing her inner sexuality through her drawings of herself.

Hott. Plus the armpit hair for an extra turn on for me at present.

Her site is at:

There’s lots of free stuff around on the net, try the Zizki comics link in the sidebar, a lot of it has femdommery of sort, especially in the Bitch in Heat series.

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