Things are awesome. Have been all year, really.

Life issues are still pretty major and life is hard here, but we are bonding over that and supporting each other through stuff, rather than having things get in the way of our relationship. There is no longer that sense of having to fight through life to get to spend time with each other.

The Sex Night rule is still in effect and totally working. We have sex twice a week, or maybe three times. This is the same as it was before, but now, I get to look forward to it – the anticipation is positive rather than a potential negative thing.

We have also a new thing called the Tuesday talk, which is basically that if we have anything serious to discuss relationship wise, we save it up and talk about it for one hour on Tuesday evening. So far we haven’t actually even really needed to do it. It is almost like, the problems disappear, or seem less serious, if I do not give voice to them as soon as I think of them.

The upshot of all this is that on most nights when we do not have sex, we hang around together on the couch, kissing and fooling around, sometimes for hours. Foot massages and hair brushing and petting and neck biting and sexy talk, all of it. I feel like a teenager.

Then when we do have sex it is rediculous. I am on a rich diet of teasing and chastity play and light bondage and ass play and lingerie and sharing fantasies and facesitting and fucking and giving Michelle oral, and man, wow. I never know what I am going to get but I always love it.

A lot of the more kinky stuff is relatively new – Michelle seems to have decided she will do it when she feels like it. Best thing.

She has let me come a few times lately, but apart from that, it is has been bouts of 3 weeks in chastity, on average. If I tell her I am horny she replies: “good.” She is also delightfully mean to me when we are fooling around or having sex.

Anyway I hope this lasts. I really do. I feel like I am where I want to be. And I haven’t always been in that place – there have been plenty of times when I was pretty frustrated  – but I’m not now, at all. This is awesome.

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