Bigger Boobs the easy way

While away on a holiday recently I tried something which, believe it or not, I have not tried in our whole twenty year relationship – extremely gentle oral sex.

It started out with me using a light circular motion on Michelle’s clitoris with the tip of my tongue, while she played with a glass dildo I had just bought for her, at her request. After a while I realized that I hardly had to touch her to make her moan, and, that she was enjoying it in an entirely different way to normal.

Eventually she came, and I dived in hard because normally she likes firm pressure when she comes. But she said that kinda spoiled the effect, so the next time – the next day actually – I slowed it right down and kept it really slow and delicate, even when she went over the edge.

The results were, um, how do I put this…?


Anyway, Michelle told me the day after that she had felt the distinct sensation of her breasts tingling, and swelling to a much bigger size.

‘When you lick my clit that that it makes me feel like my boobs are getting so much bigger!’

When she told me this she was wearing an incredibly sexy short dress she had just brought. She also said it in a sweet, coquettish and slightly perplexed voice that she know turns me on. And, she clutched her boobs and hitched them up slightly, for extra emphasis.

I nearly came in my pants.

(I have only ever come once without stimulation. This was a close second. I had been chaste for a long time so I was kinda on edge anyway.)

Subsequent experimentation has revealed the enlargement effects to be temporary, and, not exactly visible to the naked eye.

But the thought of actually being able to swell her boobs – which are already ample – through slow, gentle oral sex is something that had featured in many a fantasy since then.

All this has me wondering why I never did it that way before. I guess I must have picked up the circular motion thingy on the internets somewhere…

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