A final update

After a break of a few months, Michelle and me have started doing chastity again on Sunday (no device, for those that care).

Result: beautiful intimacy and slow, woman-focused sex, almost immediately. Nothing to do with me being super horny after a long spell. It just happened, as soon as we made the decision. I think we both realise that this is one of our preferred ways of being with each other and now it is just a matter of juggling our life situation so we get to do it whenever we can. And I also realise that I do not actually have very much to say about it, any more. It’s just the way we are.

We have also been having very open discussions of a mind-blowing nature – threesomes and bi-sexuality and various kinks have come up as fantasies for both of us. Not to be put into practice necessarily, just something we both think about, and now, we talk about it as well.

This led into another conversation: what I should do with my own fantasies and my own building sexual energy while I am chaste.

I know that when I am chaste I tend to spend a lot of time on the net (Tumblr, I want my thousand hours back) and this isn’t always productive or particularly wholesome. Michelle has never been overly critical of me playing around with soft porn and erotic art but it has been clear that she doesn’t particularly like it either. She has tolerated it, I guess, perhaps viewing it as necessary but a bit unfortunate.

I do need a creative outlet for my pent-up sexuality but I no longer want it to involve these things.

Last night we hit upon a solution, which now seems very obvious. I should start writing erotic short stories – not published on the net and not illustrated – for her to read.

This way some of the steamy stuff that features in our conversations, and also goes on in my head, can be given an outlet that doesn’t involve pictures and doesn’t ultimately make Michelle feel uncomfortable. It’s writing, for her as the main target audience. Because she actually likes my dirty mind – but she doesn’t particularly like what I have been choosing to do with it for the past five years.

We both felt great about this decision.

So for this reason I am updating a few more things and then I am leaving this blog for the long-term / foreseeable future because I don’t really have anything to say any more, and hopefully I have found a new outlet for my fantasies. If the writing goes well and I do manage to get any stories published I may return and let my small number of subscribers know. My other net sites are going into hibernation as well.

Have fun, ye kinksters and vanilla types alike.


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