Three Years Later…

Thought I’d pop back in and say howdy.

Things have been up and down. Sometimes my relationship with Michelle is spectacular, other times, we can go for more than a fortnight without any intimacy at all. And chastity wise, it is also a periodic thing, something I elect to do for my own amusement from time to time, and Michelle likes it, but its never a major lifestyle. I got rid of the device a long time ago, after several nasty bleeding episodes, even with the biggest spacers. Michelle refused to have anything to do with it after that. I think I am just too much of a grower for that to work out for me.

Today is day 1 of new regime and I was reminded of this old blog, and decided I may start posting her again. There won’t be that much to say in terms of FD lifestyle, so it will probably be more of my fantasy / art review / pronz stuff happening.

(In fact now I think about it, it’s day 2 – I didn’t do anything yesterday. But it’s day 1 of being a conscious decision.)

I’m going for 30 days, no device. Wish me luck, or tell me I’m crazy.


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