Cleaning Up an Old Blog

Coming back to this place after two years reminds me of what a digital castle of sand the internet can be. Literally about half my links were inactive or led to sites that hadn’t been updated since about 2010. And I have quickly discovered loads of new stuff that wasn’t up when I left, too. Like THIS

The links are mostly fixed now although I am still jigging the categories around. As for the old posts – they are so full of dead links and missing images I hardly know where to start. In future, I am never ever again hot-linking to someone else’s image! It’s almost guaranteed it won’t be there in 5 years time.

So things are going to be a bit lumpy around here for a while but I will get there. I say this because I have decided to return to this blog with some gusto. That means writing new material, including some stories to accompany Namio, as well as importing a bunch of other stuff I have been working on for the last few years at different sites. (Captions and various forms of erotic fantasy, mostly).

In the meantime just amuse yourself with the new galleries in the top bar – Spoiled Wives (captions) and Ridden Wet (facesitting art).

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