Sex is for the Woman’s Pleasure

3 On one level I thoroughly agree with the principal expressed in this here artwork. Most of the best sex I have ever had was when Michelle and I both concentrated on her pleasure. The fact that she is often totally fine with that is a major turn on for me. The idea that she has kept me chaste for long periods to increase my eagerness to please her – that’s an even bigger turn-on, when it happens. 2 On the other hand – periodic episodes of sex that are expressly for my benefit are fine too. As I have said before, I know she can feel a bit pressured by being the Orgasm Queen (her words) because it means that sex has to be about her pleasure even when she does not feel like coming. Sex that is for me takes that pressure off. Generally in our relationship the ration is about 80/20 in favour of sex that is for her pleasure. Sometimes we have sex that goes nowhere and neither of us some and that is fine too.) So that sums up where we are at in terms of who the sex is for.

In terms of denial – I’d say that I can keep myself chaste in the short term, but in order for a chastity dynamic to work for me in the long term, I need some acknowledgement that she is denying me for her own benefit. It’s been that way since the beginning of this blog, 7 years ago. At various stages in our relationship Michelle has enforced my chastity. We are not in one right now but I am hopeful we might get back there again.

I guess this is why submissively inclined men draw pictures like this – to portray women saying the things they would like to hear from an appreciative partner. And I also guess there are a lot of men out there who cannot get the women in their lives to accept their kink, at all. Some women seem to embrace it whole-heartedly. My wife is kind of half and half.

Incidentally – does anyone know who these drawings are by? S/he leaves no signature, only a signature style. If there are any more, I’d love to know about them. I think this one is by the same artist but I am not sure. The perky nipples look like the same style to me. 1

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