Genomorph Beta (Episode 1)

Michelle: It must be weird having a penis.

Steve: How so?

Michelle: Having something so sensitive, all those nerves, out there, separate from your body.

Steve: It doesn’t really feel separate. You feel it inside you, too.

Michelle: It sounds strange.

Steve: You’d love it.

Michelle: Maybe I would. I think I’d have quite a big one. Don’t you?

Steve: Hah. Competitive much? I don’t know how big it would be, but I would totally suck it.

Michelle: Yeah you would! You would be sooo gay for my cock.

Steve: I sooo would. I would be on it like a bun on a sausage.

Michelle: Would you have a vagina?

Steve: Sure, why not.

Michelle: I would lick it til you cried.

Steve: You would too! Would we still have our normal bits as well?

Michelle: Yeah. We’d each have both.

Steve: Awesome.

The next day, in Awesome Future Technology Land:

Steve: Ten thousand dollars for a month? Shit, how are we going to afford that?

Michelle: Spend our savings?

Steve: Is that really worth it?

Michelle: Dude, you’ll have a vagina. And I’ll have a cock. What else are we going to spend it on? A trip to Europe?

Steve: Yeah you’re right. Who needs the wonders of Western Civilisation when you can do weird experiments on your genitals? Let’s do this.

Michelle: Hot damn.

(Sales Lady walks in).

Sales Lady: Hello and welcome to Genomorph. How may we help you today?

Us: We want the Hetero Monthly.

Sales Lady: Sure. Please sign this alarmingly long and complicated disclaimer.

Us: What does it say?

Sales Lady: It says Genomorph is not liable if you don’t get exactly what you expect.

Us: Hang on. I thought we were just getting new genitals. What could go wrong?

Sales Lady: Nothing medical can go wrong and nothing will be permanent. There may however be some psychological adjustments.

Us: Whatever. When can you fit us in?

Sales Lady: Doctor Goodall has a slot just after lunch.

Us: So hook us up.

Later that evening, in the bedroom.

Steve: Six hours are up! Let’s get this happening.

Michelle: Cool!

(We drink the activation formula).

Steve: Unph. Um…weird. Can you feel anything?

Michelle: Ungh…yep. Um…I gotta take my pants off and see this thing.


Steve: Oh my God! You were right, it is kinda big. I wanna see mine too.

Michelle: Wow! Nice touch with the clit ring.

Steve: Thanks. I always wanted you to have one, so…

Michelle: How does it feel?

Steve: Actually it feels kinda weird.

Michelle: Yeah mine too.

Steve: Do you want me to touch yours.

Michelle: No. Not right now. I don’t quite feel right about this.

Steve: Me neither. I might put my pants back on.

Michelle: Sure. Me too.

Steve: So…what do want to do? Watch TV?

Michelle: Yeah. Let’s just…wait til tomorrow and see what happens with this…

To be continued…

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